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DeeZee Flow Through Gate

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – BOLT® breakthrough one-key lock technology

by STRATTEC Security Corporation is now offered as a standard feature on Dee Zee Inc.’s Flow-Through Tailgate. The new Flow-Through Tailgate has an aerodynamic design that utilizes aluminum extrusions and customizable accessory mounting features.

The addition of BOLT’s patented one-key lock technology enables the tailgate to be locked and unlocked with nothing more than the vehicle’s ignition key, streamlining daily use for truck owners.

“Offering BOLT technology as a standard feature on Dee Zee’s new Flow-Through Tailgate is an inspired move, as it offers truck enthusiasts the enhanced  security of an OEM-quality lock mechanism  on an innovative tailgate designed to maximize fuel economy,” said BOLT Locks Sales Manager Erika Garcia.

In addition to BOLT technology, the Flow-Through Tailgate also comes standard with “Tailgate Assist,” which helps lower the tailgate in a slow, controlled motion.

“We designed our Flow-Through Tailgate as a factory replacement for today’s full-size light trucks. We know truck owners will appreciate the added security and convenience BOLT technology offers,” said Dee Zee’s Director of Marketing Dan Kruzic.

Each BOLT lock features a six-plate tumbler sidebar, an automotive grade weather-resistant shutter and a larger cylinder size to ensure security. When an ignition key is inserted into the BOLT lock cylinder, spring-loaded plate tumblers move up and down until they are matched to that key. The first time the key is rotated, the cylinder is uniquely coded to that key. When the key is removed, the cylinder moves into the locked position. When the key is turned again, it rotates to the unlocked position.

The Flow-Through Tailgate with BOLT technology is available through most mass retailers, farm store retail chains, big box retailers, as well as through Dee Zee’s warehouse distributor partners. For more information about Dee Zee Flow-Through Tailgates, visit



STRATTEC Security Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive locks, keys and related access control products, and is the primary lock supplier to Ford, GM and Chrysler.  STRATTEC’s history in the automotive business spans 100 years.  For more information on their BOLT technology, visit or contact Andy Larsen (BOLT Locks) at 414.840.0891.

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