BOLT Cable Lock

CrystalAugust 22, 2019

One Key Convenience 

BOLT Locks make vehicle security easy with the convenience of using just one key- your vehicle ignition key. You simply insert your vehicle key into the lock, turn it once and it permanently memorizes your key code. It's time to get ride of that heavy key ring, and just use ONE KEY. 

The BOLT Cable Lock is easy to use and can lock up many different things such as a bike, roof rack items such as ladders, a spare tire and more. 


6ft Long 1/4" Black Vinyl Coated Coiled Cable

Auto Return Spring Locks Automatically When Key is Removed

Plate Tumbler Sidebar to Prevent Picking and Bumping

Stainless Steel Lock Shutter to Keep Out Dirt and Moisture


Opens with Your Vehicle Ignition Key

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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