BOLT GM Tailgate Handle

CrystalApril 6, 2020

Make life easier with the convenience of BOLT Locks. No need to have just another key to add to your key ring- Lock up your toolbox with just one key-your ignition key!

BOLT GM Tailgate Features

  • Original Factory Handle
  • Includes BOLT Cylinder
  • 6 Plate-Tumbler Sidebar to Prevent Picking and Bumping
  • Automotive Grade Stainless Steel Lock Shutter
  • Weatherproof
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The BOLT GM tailgate handle only works with the new body style of the Silverado and Sierra’s introduced in 2007 and not with the Classic Edition. If you are unsure whether you have a Classic Edition or not we recommend you compare your key to that on the back of the packaging for the tailgate handle as the key also changed with the introduction of the new body style.

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