Jeep Hood Lock Compatibility

CrystalJune 7, 2022

The Jeep JL 4XE Hybrid and the JL 392 models are not compatible with the BOLT JL Hood Lock due to the different grille insert. The insert is not the same size as the standard JL Wrangler.

As new versions of the Wrangler are released we will continue to investigate this. If you find an option that works, please feel free to reach out and let us know for us to use for product research (

To make the JL Hood Lock compatible with the models listed above, it's as simple as following a few additional steps.

Instead of using the replacement grille insert that comes with the product, you will need to cut and remove a portion of the stock grille piece. You can do so by printing off the template and using it as a guide to cut and remove the area necessary to fit the lock.

Download Template