Receiver Lock Pins

CrystalMarch 17, 2023

Have you noticed a change in your receiver lock pin? Are you worried about the pin not looking like it's fully inserted? This is normal, and there's a reason behind it! 

In this picture, you'll see our old receiver lock pin to the left, and then new pin to the right. The noticeable differences are the old pin has a much shorter shoulder and is thicker in diameter. The new pin has a longer shoulder and is slightly smaller in diameter. 

The new pin was designed with a longer shoulder to create more room for the pin to fully engage the lock. You'll see in the picture below what this looks like when the pin is inserted into the lock. 

Old Pin

New Pin


You can see in the noticeable difference in the pin while it's inserted. The old pin sits flush with the lock head, leaving no additional room to push the pin in any further. The new pin has some of the shoulder visible, which is completely normal. You can test the pin to make sure it's fully engaged by pushing it in towards the lock head, feeling a spring back. This indicated the pin is fully inserted and locked in place. 

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