Vehicle Compatibility

CrystalJune 1, 2021

Vehicle not listed? Do we still have a lock that is compatible? 


GM, Ford and Chrysler Owners:

We don’t always list out every trim level for these vehicles. If you go through the BOLT Lock vehicle match, and you don’t see your vehicle, you can try again, but this time use just the base model, or “none” option. Our vehicle match is based on the lock and key packages that are available, and many times these can overlap.

If you want to double check that you have the right lock, you can click the part number and these is an image of the compatible keys on the product page.

Ford Key
Ford Side Cut Key
GM Early Key
GM Center Cut Key
Chrysler Jeep Key
GM Late Key
Jeep Center Cut Key

Toyota and Nissan Owners:

For Toyota and Nissan vehicles, we are depending on waiting for the key information to be published before we can verify that they work with our locks. Does this mean that your vehicle key won’t work? Not necessarily! Use the last model year available in our vehicle match, click on the part number of the lock you would like, and check that your key looks like the ones we show on the product page.

Toyota Keys
Nissan Key

Other Manufacturers (Honda, Kia, Etc.):

Our engineers are always looking at new manufacturers that we can make locks compatible with. Send us an email at and let us know which vehicle you have, so we can make sure that they know people want them!

Still not sure if your key will work? Send us a picture of your key, along with what vehicle you have, to and we will be happy to look at it and let you know.