Top 5 Uses for BOLT Locks in Everyday Life

CrystalApril 10, 2024

BOLT Locks provide not only security but also convenience when it comes to locking up your things. With the ability to unlock your accessories with just one key- your vehicle key, the opportunities are endless when it comes to securing your investments. Here are some top 5 uses for BOLT Locks that you can use any day of the week!


1- Towing

Tow with confidence! Whether it is securing your trailing during a cross country tow or putting it the Winter seasons storage, BOLT Lock has the perfect solution for you. The BOLT 5/8” Receiver lock features a stainless-steel pin which is rated to tow the maximum weight for their class. For the 5/8” Receiver Lock this is a gross trailer weight of 16,000 lbs. and a tongue weight of 1,600 lbs.

Have the ability to lock and unlock your trailer accessories with ease using your vehicle key. No more digging through a bulking key ring. When you’re on the road whether it be vacation, work or recreation, the BOLT receiver lock has you covered, no matter what you’re towing!

2- Outdoor

BOLT Locks are designed to take whatever you throw at them! Whether it’s a day at the lake or up in the hills, have the confidence to travel without hassle.

The BOLT Padlock is great for locking up may different things, from the fishing rod storage on your boat to the cooler in your tailgate! It’s 2” hardened steel shackle does the job for just able anything.

The 6’ Coiled Cable Lock is great for locking up a spare tire in the bed of your truck, or the kayak to your roof rack.

Planning your next vacation can be a breeze while knowing your things will be safe with BOLT Locks- and check off those extra locks and keys from your packing list!

3- Jeep

BOLT Lock has a full line of locks for Jeep owners that work with your Jeep Key! Whether it’s keeping your gear secure with a padlock or locking up your high lift jack so it’s easily accessible with the BOLT J-Mount, we have a lock for you.

Hood Lock:

The Jeep Hood Lock secures your under-hood items for theft. BOLT offers a JK Hood Lock compatible with 2007+ Jeep JK’s and a JL Hood Lock that fits 2018+ Jeep JL’s and Gladiators**

**See this link for more info on JL/Gladiator Compatibility. (


The BOLT J-Mount is an easy way to lock up your hi-lift jack and have it easily accessible while on the trails. BOLT offers a J-Mount that fits 1997+ Jeep TJ’s and JK’s. You can purchase this J-Mount to mount on either your driver side (Part# 7028648), or passenger side (Part#7028649) of your Jeep.

There is also a JL J-Mount which is compatible with 2018+ Jeep JL’s and Gladiators. This Mount can be mounted on both the driver or passenger side of the Jeep

Spare Tire Lock:

The BOLT Spare Tire lock is great for keeping your spare tire secure. The spare tire lock fits most OEM and aftermarket alloy wheels replacing one of the threaded lug nuts with the one provided with the spare tire lock. BOLT offers a JK spare tire lock that works with 2018+ Jeep JK’s and a JL Spare Tire Lock that’s compatible with 2018+ Jeep JL’s and Gladiators.

4- Fishing

BOLT Locks are durable and work for boat security, fishing gear, rod storage and more! Don’t worry about remember your big key ring when leaving for that fishing trip. When hitting the road know that you’ll already have the key to unlock all your gear- your vehicle key!

The BOLT Padlock is the perfect size for locking up your fishing road storage. Your boat trailer spare tire? No problem- the BOLT cable lock has your covered. What about your boat trailer in the parking lot while you’re on the lake all day? Lock it up with the Trailer Coupler Lock. And with all of this, never have to worry about which key unlocks it all.

A day on the lake should be relaxing- so stop sweating and keep your mind on the bait!

5- Commercial/Job Site

BOLT Locks can make a job a lot easier and more efficient. Lock up your work truck tool box with the BOLT Toolbox Latch Retro Fit Kit. It fits DeeZee, UWS and other leading makers of toolboxes, and includes the latch, cylinder and hardware for easy installation.

The BOLT Cable Lock also comes in handy for locking up ladders to your work truck roof. Easily accessible, and secure!

BOLT Locks have been integrated into commercial bodies and toppers from leading manufactures. You can find more information on this link! (

Why risk a lockout due to a lost key? BOLT Locks are compatible with GM, Ram, Jeep, Ford, Toyota and Nissan. Simply insert your key, turn it till it stops and BOLT Lock permanently learns your key. In addition to convenience, BOLT Locks are made with automotive grade technology proving enhanced security.

Find the perfect BOLT Lock bundle for your next adventure!

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